A goofy kid just trying to make sense of the world while trying to be Asian American

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#sorryasianparents EP19 – Skyline Festival Los Angeles 2023

Talking about Skyline Festival in Los Angeles. Sorry, I had been sitting on this video for a while. Been busy with work and other projects, which I hope to share with y’all as soon as it’s published. Ray and Anthony join me to talk about our Skyline Festival 2023 experience. It was super awesome.

Also, the song “Age of Love” (1990) is a self-titled track by Italian-Belgian duo Age of Love. I guess you can say the track is in 90s era trance style. Paul van Dyk and Cosmic Gate remixed this track in the mid to late 2010s. I just wanted to clarify that comment near the end of the video.

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Stage Name Comedy Ep.00

So my buddy, Seth Austin, and I started a YouTube channel for vidcasting. It’s called Stage Name Comedy. We’re just some wannabe entertainers with our friends giving our unqualified opinions on current events or whatever else we find funny. This was just a mic check and testing out our format. The next recording I’m deff going to have better equipment.

Everything here is just for laughs and I’ll prob turn my lengthy blog post into video as well. We’re probably gonna make some enemies but I guess enjoy?


Well, this is two average joes giving our first unqualified opinion on interracial marriages, different levels of Karens, what two unemployed dreamers in La La Land have been doing, and the economy reopening up. Everything is meant to be jokes and fun so sorry if we offend, we did not mean