A goofy kid just trying to make sense of the world while trying to be Asian American



Taking my fraternity picture

Taking my fraternity picture

What up y’ll, Airec Sype. here. I’m a graduate from San Francisco State with a degree in English: Creative Writing and I dabbled in a bit in Journalism and Technical Professional Writing.

Of course I live in the beautiful and rich and wild city of San Francisco still, trying to spread my wings or however you will call it. But I originally come from the small town of Visalia, CA. A lot of people who aren’t from the Central Valley don’t know where it is so I just say I’m from Fresno. I like living here in SF despite my small-town-Christian-conservative upbringing. And no, it’s not like I’m super Christian or conservative, I’m Asian and my parents are immigrants, how Christian and conservative can I be. That being said, I do like to party and eat and drink and party here in SF.

I’m  gonna cut this short: I’m a bro, a hipster, a nerd, a geek, I love comedies, movies (non-horror), Indie music, EDM (especially trance), working out, exploring, anime, and long walks on the beach. And probably writing. Oh and I’m also Asian American.

Now what is an Asian-American? I don’t know. Hopefully with the help of this blog I can somehow discover that answer.

This blog, SorryAsianParents, is going to be a documentation that is composed of my thoughts and feelings, although not all of my thoughts and feelings within this blog are going to be about my journey to becoming the perfect Asian-American. Some of my posts will be of some random shit I thought of while I was sitting on the MUNI or toilet. A lot of random but funny stuff.

Hopefully they will be humorous for your entertainment and hopefully they will have a slim number of grammatical errors (because everyone knows I speak and write Engurlish).

The name of my blog was birthed during my last year in coolage (I know it’s spelled wrong) while I was bored in class and instagraming a picture about graduation. See – I wasn’t paying attention in class – bad Asian. I created the hashtag #SorryAsianParents to describe a picture that thanked Red Bull and Wikipedia for the credit of one’s graduation. I dedicated that picture to my parents because my wit did not help me to graduation alone and I needed the help of study aids.

So here it is, my new writing project that will not only explore the existence of Asian-Americans living and surviving in mainstream America but also explores the random idiotic thoughts of Airec Syprasert. Enjoy the ride folks because it’s going to be an interesting one. And if I’ve revealed too much about myself or about my family then I might as well say it now, “Sorry Asian Parents.”

But I hope y’all enjoy reading this blog.

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