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Bros Guide to Creeping on Girls at a Festival/Rafe

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There’s a lot of advice out there on how to hit on girls at a festival, but have you ever wondered what’s the wrong way or the naughty way? if you want a quick laugh check out these bro tips.

Inside the Dark Minds of Koko and Airec

At the hotel for EDC 2013 . . . does this turn you on? Sexy Asian. At the hotel for EDC 2013 . . . does this turn you on? Sexy Asian.

NOTE: I did mean to write “rafe.”


            By Airec Sype

(Disclaimer from me, Sype, the thoughts and views expressed in this blog post does not reflect my views on women nor does it mean that I’m a douche at a festival hitting on girls. I respect women and respectfully creep on them from afar and would not physically creep on them. This is just a satirical response to my friend, and amazing writer, Stephanie Q, article: Flirting vs Friendly. So enjoy. Thank you.)


Alright bros, it’s getting to be that time of year again, my favorite time of year, FESTIVAL SEASON!!!

Festival season is great because you can rage hard, pump fists and hit on half-naked-chicks. The first two part of my list is simple and easy to do, every…

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We are two crazy kids trapped inside an aging adult body trying to survive a cruel and fast world. If we are going down in flames, we might as well have some fun . . . and blog about it.

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